Dear God...What's all this?????

DGKhan Map

So what is this new site and what happened to the old one? Oh well, let's be honest. We all knew that old one sucked big times. That was just a project at that time back in 1997 when we were students and had nothing better to do but to chat on the mIRC wishing to hook up with some doosheeza (Pretty Lady) which actually never happened. We just gang of friends started a DALnet channel #dgkhan which was never populated with more than a couple of lousy people. Anyway, now the point is that channel is long gone and so are days of chatting in mIRC and it has all become very commercial now there so decided to take off the site which, like I said not so updated.

Now the plan to make a site from scratch. A new forum and blog section has been created so you guys can come and join us. It would be better if all of us can join forums and discuss the ideas on how to make the community grow.

The Plan!

DGKhan's Airport

Now how this beautiful or lousy plan, whatever you wanna call it, will work or will it even take off? The answer is Yes though I don't live in the city myself so can't help too much on it. Infact I would need help from the fellow so-called Digerians (Don't like the way it sounds but who cares?)

The idea is that to create a photo blog along this main site where I can enter a few stories or put pictures (Hopefully received from the fellow digerians like I said) or the videos , now wouldn't that be amazing? Before you reject the whole plan, you better come out with something innovative and feed it back to me. I promise, I'll use it if it's that good enough. All the plans will be published so please don't try to abuse :-)

I tell you what, don't hang on if you have something to say that please drop me a line at the email address below. You can send me anything like a poem, a couple of pictures of your area or any building, memorial, mountain, a bunch of flowers, a paragraph full of abuse, your own pictures (If you ain't that shy).

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