Dera Ghazi Khan


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Here you will find information regarding to the city Dera Ghazi Khan. Mr.Khaleel is currently working on Colleges, Picnic Points and Main City Points, Industries and Tribes (Because he himself belongs to a famous Balouch Tribe, Khosa) of DGKhan. The job to collect History, Important Events, Maps and Pictures will be provided by Mr. Saqib. So you will find soon many things interesting here by which you will be able to plan for your visit to DGKhan without the help of guide.

          Districts of DGKhan Division

              bullet08_pieces.gif  Distt. Dera Ghazi Khan

The most populated and important (By location) district in DGKhan division, which has a recreational hill point Fort Manro with, a long tribal belt on its west. The town was founded by Ghazi Khan, son of a Balouchi Chieftain and vassal of the Langah sultans of Multan. Incorporated as a municipality in 1867, the town was partially destroyed by a flood of the Indus River in 1908-09. The new town (founded 1911) is connected by road with Multan over the Taunsa Barrage and by a bridge of boats at low water over the Indus with Ghazi Ghat and Muzaffargarh. The city was totally developed by the personal interest of British Government and their Engineers. The most important point which was kept in view while designing the city map by British Engineers was that the city will be able to fulfill the requirements of next 100 years. The thing in the map of DGKhan which should be described here preferably is that the city have straight roads without any bents Rug and carpet weaving and the production of wooden toys are traditional industries; newer industries include rice and flour milling, cotton textiles, and rope and fiber products. The town has a hospital and a college (Now it own a University too) affiliated with the University of the Punjab. Wheat, millet, and dates are the chief crops grown in the surrounding area, and cattle breeding are widespread.

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              bullet08_pieces.gif  Distt. Muzzafar Garh

              bullet08_pieces.gif  Distt. Rajan Pur

              bullet08_pieces.gif  Distt. Layyah



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