Have been wondering something abouth why there isn’t any girl here in this forum(If there is any girl member pls. raise ur hand so I can see it)!!! Does that mean there don’t exits any girls in dera ghazi Or you guys have scared all the girls away That’s bad naa..you could instead call this forum for “Dera Ghazi Men’s forum” But then again don’t think it will attract men also..hmm..what should we do to how to inform girls also???..
Yaar Professor ji..use you charm now when the forum really needs it..hehe…Well if anyone who have some good ideas then just post it here or to professor ji..because I blame him for scaring every girl away…

Haan eik our baat yaad ai..Degrian ji maybe becaue of all ur difficult question games could also be another reason for scaring the girls..hmm..