Dear All

I've installed a few mods on the site and here is what's gonna happen.

1) Every user will get points for creating threads, making posts, referrals, creating social groups, posting in them, uploading pictures, making most productive posts, posting unique pictures etc etc etc

2) Market system - Points are like cash so you'll be able to spend them in the market where there are a lot of items to be purchased.

I'll explain all of the them 1 by 1.

There are 7 categories in the market

1) Market Features - These are the features item which you can purchase for items like saving your ass from being your items being stolen, donating points to someone else etc etc.

2) User Titles - You can change your title to custom one (Where it says Junior Member, Member etc) and the colours, make it bold etc as shown in this category examples.

3) Gifts - Create custom gifts or send a gift to someone you like/love or buy one for yourself

4) User Permission - I am working on that as it'll have access to special section of the forum.

5) User Name - Change the formatting of your username - Like Professor in my case.

6) Other Users - You can steal their cash, points, gifts, change their user name colour etc.

7) Posts - Make your posts stand out from the rest.

Well most of the features are self explanatory so you would be able to see how it works. Fear not that your points will be finished as every weekend we'll have lotteries, bonus points, double points on everything etc so there is a good chance you'll make big points/cash in no time.

Good Luck with trying and please report any issues or problems in new thread under Member Support forum.