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sien koi mazy da dhora te sunao koi........ ;-)
Sien - Professor tussan ho - tuaada kam hay dull topics koun interesting bana kay students da interest create karna - narration of facts by individual varies from person to person - Sonya Fatah is Delhi-based Pakistani journalist writes about the Indo-Pak trade routed through Dubai and Singapore - not through Wagah - tremendous marketing opportunities exist to be exploited for the benefit of both public, traders and individuals - I was surprised to go through the list of items - Paan leaves of course but also - glass bangles, homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines of Dabur and Himalaya, and most surprising - Cds of carnatic music - and we thought in Pakistan, music is banned ! As marketing expert, you need to take notice of these facts to be used for the welfare of common man.