Dear Friends,

My name Is najum. I belong to Block 18. I am engineer from UET lahore.

Today i am here to tell me all friends about GMI the Gold Mine International.It's besically a company of Norway which makes gold products,from year 2000 it started a new buissness.You simply have to signup from 60$ pakistani Rs.4920/=. It's not registration fees ,it just register you in there company then in future you can buy a gold product from your saving money or you can give 10$ extra for delivery charges and get 18 carat Gold Watch in 20 days after sign up.

It's a simple invesment for office employs ,student and a little amount but it can give you more then even you can't imagin. Alot of Bank officers, Airport employs, Students of K.U, Iqra Universiy,Sir Syed, IBA, UET" " " are doing this little buissness in side work because they dosnt have to do anything.

After Sign up you just have to sign up two more persons unders you and you will get 30$ in your GMI Account 100% guarented.You can cash it anytime in 24 hour,after those person who did sign up under you when they will signup two more persons under them on ur left and right so they will get 30$ and you will get 60$ in your account.

Friends first i also thought it's fake but when i did signup,i earned alot & alot of money.If you have any confussion about it then contact me anytime.

Appointment for Presentation please call or email me.